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Smite Concept - Baron Samedi :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 1 0 Smite Concept - Jormungandr :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 3 1 Smite Concept - Polyphemus :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 1 0 Smite Concept - Turtle Island :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 3 0 Smite Concept - Coyote :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 1 0 Smash Bros. Splash Art - Spring Boy :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 2 1 Smashified Trophy - Bad Batter :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 1 0 Smite Concept - Gashadokuro :icondiegoampage:Diegoampage 2 1


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Fanart for Pigbeast234
So hey my good ol pal Pigbeast234 was like "yo can you make some fanart" and I was like "k" so here it is. This took about 300 hours of work.
Smite Concept - Baron Samedi
A drawing I made of Baron Samedi from Voodoo mythology. I think some of his abilities could revolve around the different roles he takes in his different personas. Please note that I'm not too good at making viable or possible kits, I just do them for fun.

Title: Baron Samedi, the Loa of Death
Role: Mage
Pantheon: Voodoo (This pantheon is from Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica, The Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico)

Passive - Loa of Death: With every kill, Baron Samedi gets a small boost in strength and defense. This can stack up to ten times. The change may not seem significant at first, but as the deaths pile up, his increased power becomes apparent.

Ability One - Baron La Croix: Baron Samedi thrusts his cane to shoot a black ball of magic. This travels through walls.

Ability Two - Baron Cimitière: Baron Samedi points his cane forward, and makes a gravestone erupt from the ground at a selected location. This will do damage and knock enemies up.

Ability Three - Baron Kriminel: Baron Samedi laughs maniacally, teleporting to a selected enemy God. He then does a violent slash, making them bleed.

Ultimate - Spirits of the Dead: Baron Samedi makes a big circle around him, and a black cloud envelops it. Spirits are seen flying around within, and terrifying screams are heard. Andy enemy God is rooted inside of the area of effect, taking damage throughout. When the ability is over, they will get a Fear CC.
Smite Concept - Jormungandr
A drawing I made of Jörmungandr. I think that Jörmungandr is essential to be in Smite, seeing as he's the only one of Loki's children not in the game yet. Please note that I'm not too good at making viable or possible kits; I just do them for fun.

Title: Jörmungandr, the Midgard Serpent
Pantheon: Norse
Role: Warrior

Passive - Toxic Skies: Enemies that are a certain distance from Jörmungandr will have their healing decreased.

Ability One - Venomous Spit: Jörmungandr spits poison forward. This does damage and poisons enemies.

Ability Two - Chomp: Jörmungandr bites forward, stunning whoever he hits.

Ability Three - Poison Pool: Jörmungandr spits poison onto the ground, leaving a pool. Enemies that walk into it receives tick damage and is slowed.

Ultimate - Ouroboros: Jörmungandr makes a coil and bites his tail, creating a circular area with enemies inside. He begins to constrict, rooting trapped enemies and doing damage.
Smite Concept - Polyphemus
A drawing I made for Polyphemus. If he were in Smite, I think it would be fitting for a little flock of sheep to follow him around similarly to Chang'e's rabbit. Please note that I'm not too good at making viable or possible kits; I just do them for fun.

Title: Polyphemus, Son of Poseidon
Role: Guardian
Pantheon: Greek

Passive - Poseidon's Blessing: Polyphemus always has a physical power boost that's 5% of his current health.

First Ability - Boulder: Polyphemus tosses forward a boulder to a target location. This does a quick stun as well as damage.

Second Ability - Sheep Milk: Polyphemus grabs a glass bottle of milk and chugs it down. This heals him and restores some mana. 

Third Ability - Burning Spear: Polyphemus throws forward a burning spear in a straight line that does damage and blinds the enemy hit at the end of the spear's range for a short time.

Ultimate - Blind Rage: Polyphemus goes into a rage. For a short time, he becomes CC immune and his abilities as well as his basic attacks increase in strength.


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